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Word count: We don’t mind too much about word count, but try to keep posts more than 100 words but less than 800, as an estimate. Less is usually more.

Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation is important.

Claims: If you are making a health claim or mention a statistic or a study, please include the source. Tell us how you know what you know. Make sure the source is credible.

SEO and plug posts: We are not interested in submissions for the sole purpose of boosting SEO or promoting products or brands. If your submission or bio references contain promotion of a business or a service, which does not adhere to our values (e.g. weight-loss gimmicks or products) they will not be used.

Photos: If you do not own the photos you submit, please include the reference and/or link to where you found them. On some occasions licensing issues may prevent use, if that is the case we will find another to use. Photos must be high quality and must be at least 800×400 pixels.

Subjects: Since we are a predominantly a health based site, any subject relating to this area will be considered. But, we also accept other subject areas such as fitness, travel, relationships, recipes, psychology, finance, work, activities etc. If you are unsure, contact us.

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Contribution and promotion: Since we can’t financially compensate you for your posts, we can offer you the opportunity to see your work published on a professional platform. The content if often shared across the digital community and various websites, increasing exposure for you. What you will have is your own profile with your bio and links to your social media and websites. This will include all of your published work that we will promote when yours go live.

Popular Articles: Popular articles (most page views, Facebook likes and comments etc.) will receive the most exposure on our social media, newsletters and site by being included in our featured posts. Regular contributors may even be included in our featured authors section.

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  • Be seen, social media is there for us to use.

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