Sedentary Lifestyle

According to a recent study, people who often spend their time sitting down can live shorter lives than those who engage in a frequently active one. Even if you go to exercise in the gym two or three times a week, chances are, people who perform light but frequent physical exertions are more likely to obtain the benefits of it.

In a study which was conducted in more than 3,000 respondents up until they reached the age of 60, it has been found that those who had a sedentary lifestyle often died earlier than those who enjoyed doing light physical activities around the house. Other simple activities included doing minor repairs around the house, doing recreational activities such as kayaking or fishing, and spending time with friends and relatives. Those who spent most of their time sitting became prone to certain types of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and renal diseases.

The study also revealed that physical exercise becomes more important as you grow older. As the body ages, it loses its capacity to digest food and assimilate nutrients but with the help of small exercises, the body can improve its metabolism. It has been found to be true even if you were not an avid fan of the gym during your younger days.

According to Dr. David Dunstan, who practices in Australia, what sitting actually does to the body is that it prevents the proper circulation of the blood in the body. This in turn leads to the improper nourishment of the organs which eventually leads to a diseased state. Another interesting observation, which had been given by Dr. Joan Vernikos, is that the body loses its “gravity vector” when it spends a long time in a sitting position. According to Dr. Joan Vernikos, the body experiences the similar sensation that the body experiences when it is in outer space – it loses the action of gravity which leads to the deterioration of the body.

As a remedy, these doctors suggest spending less time sitting. Try to break your sitting hours by standing up and enjoying a short walk around your area. This helps to maintain proper blood circulation as well as restore the benefits of gravity on your body. Try to do simple chores that can help enhance the effects of gravity in your body such as bending over to pick up something, cleaning the house, and reaching for objects in higher places. Even if you can’t afford to visit the gym, your body can still enjoy similar benefits through these simple exercises.

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