With the great number of distractions that cross our minds each day, we often find ourselves too exhausted to focus on our feelings, and this can often lead to the scattered mindset that people have when they go home or go to work. With our attention focused on a couple of different things at the same time, we often act without the assent of our subconscious minds. Hence, most people often are surprised when our innermost emotions come out to the surface showing us our deeper feelings which we may not have noticed before.

The way that we feel at the moment is often dictated by what preoccupies our attention the most. If you are one of those types who are perpetually occupied with external things, you may notice that at one point or the other, there will come a time when you will run out of things to focus on, and your inner turmoil will show. Unprepared, you will most likely be unable to deal with those problems at all. By giving your inner emotions the time and the attention that it needs you will be able to address each and every issue that is causing the problem.

According to a study by Norman Farb, when we focus our attention on external things, our brain uses the prefrontal cortex. But, when we begin to focus our attention on our own feelings and thoughts, the brain uses a more primal area of the brain which includes the insula and the posterior cingulate cortex. The surprising thing is that this primal part of the brain that regulates our inner attention is the one that dictates our current emotional state, whether we should be happy or sad. By turning our attention therefore to this inner mind, you can actually cope better with problems instead of focusing your attention on the outside world.

One of the most common traits that people have now is their seeming incapability of facing problems whenever they meet them. For example, if you have a personal problem with family or with your loved ones, you often tend to set them aside in order to give priority to your work. These often leads to a much divided attention when inner emotions would often surface when are not preoccupied with external things anymore. This is where we often would need to be introspective so we can deal with our own problems more effectively.

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