Cortisol does not only weaken our immune system and make us gain fat much easier; it also contributes to the breakdown of muscle tissues leading to a weaker body structure. It is, therefore, important to know the effects of this substance in the body to help it function more effectively. With this understanding, you will also be able to avoid overproducing cortisol in your body either through overexertion and exhaustion or anxiety and depression.

The body produces cortisol in the body regularly since it is necessary for metabolic and other biological processes. What is not recommended for anyone, especially for those who wish to obtain greater physical capacity, is its overproduction. Having high levels of cortisol for extended periods of time can have deleterious effects on the body. Such as, irregular sleep patterns, decreased sex drive, brittle bone structures, inflammation, and it can even lead to cardiovascular diseases. As a type of adrenal hormone, it is responsible for breaking down proteins in the body in order to supply energy.

As we all know, the adrenals are usually triggered when we are faced with life or death situations or when we are threatened. The adrenals, however, are also triggered when the body is subjected to excessive stress which can come either from work or personal problems. When cortisol is released in the body, the body is placed in a catabolic state in which protein is broken down and converted into carbohydrates as sources of energy. They can also be stored in the body as a reserve for other emergency situations in the future.

Imagine, therefore, what would happen if the body produces a constant overflow of cortisol levels in the body. The degeneration of muscles will continue and can even result in a condition of myopathy where the muscles become weakened. The other negative impact of cortisol is that it hinders the formation of new muscle tissues due to its IGF-1 and GH hormones. The body requires some time to recover, to repair damaged tissues and with the presence of cortisol, it is further prevented from growing newer ones.

The best way to cope with this problem is to minimize the body’s production of cortisol. Make sure not to overtax your body with physical activities and have a healthy way of coping with stressful situations in your life. Aside from this, make sure you obtain a sufficient supply of Vitamin C, B-Complex, and complex carbohydrates. Provide the body with the energy that it needs, preventing the breakdown of protein in the body.

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