Unfortunately, spot reduction does not work. Spot reduction is one of the greatest fitness and fat loss myths out there, we have no control over where we lose fat. It’s all about the whole, not the parts.

Yes, we lose and gain fat faster in some areas, like the face is the first to lose and last to gain fat. That stubborn midsection is the first to come but last to go! Everyone is different, and it differs from person to person.

There are also the myths like “Sit-ups and crunches will give you abs”, yes this is true in a sense as we all have abs somewhere under that layer of fat. Core exercises are important to strengthen your abs and back, but doing 1000’s of crunches a day does not necessarily mean that you will be able to see them. Having a good healthy diet, as well as regular exercise is going to help shift that layer of fat covering them up.

Use cardio exercise to maximize total fat loss. Other than walking, jogging and aerobic exercises, you can choose:
Cycling, plyometrics, boxing, swimming, circuit training, dancing, martial arts, etc.
These are just a few of the abundant things you can do that are fun and enjoyable.

Weight training is the only natural way to individually shape and sculpt our muscles. Strength training is also the key to really toning and strengthening our muscles, so that when we do lose the fat from our problem areas, the muscles visible look shapely and strong.

Remember, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism. So this means you are burning more calories even while sleeping, as your body needs to use more calories to fuel your muscles, which helps you to burn more fat!

So it is important to remember, if you want a toned tummy, smaller thighs, and be rid of those love handles, you have to eat right and exercise. Doing this will help you see and feel the difference all over your body. It is hard work and dedication, there is no easy magic solution, if you really want that tight tush you have always dreamed of then you have to do something about it!

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